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1. General

Just getting started with TryHackMe? Start here for a detailed introduction to our platform.

2. OpenVPN

Guides on setting up, connecting and troubleshooting OpenVPN connections.

3. Completing Rooms

Guides on how to use and complete TryHackMe rooms.

4. Room Creation

How to create your own TryHackMe rooms for training, workshops and assessments.

5. Sales and Billing

Information on sales and billing.

6. TryHackMe for Teaching

Guides on managing students, virtual labs and teaching content for Cybersecurity training.

7. Discord

FAQs related to the TryHackMe Discord Server.

8. The "King Of The Hill" Gamemode

Everything you need to know regarding the "King Of The Hill" gamemode.

9. API Docs

TryHackMe API docs and service endpoints.