The Review Process

Public Rooms

These rooms are of the majority on the TryHackMe platform. Public rooms go through a review process where volunteer members who are very familiar with creating boxes will attempt to solve the room themselves, critiquing the content against the Room Creation Notes, amongst other criteria such as:

  • Grammar
  • "Task" and "Question" suitability, formatting and use of hints where appropriate.
  • Room Difficulty
  • Whether or not the room is needed at the time it is submitted. For example, we have a lot of "Challenge" type rooms on Cryptography. We're much more inclined to accept a room that teaches a topic about Cryptography or a tool rather than another cypher "Challenge" style room.

You can submit your room to the queue by pressing True on "Publicly Accessible" but please do not do this until you are sure the room is in a state for public use.


If you are submitting a "Challenge" room, please ensure you have submitted an official writeup. Room testers will use this as a reference point. A room with a helpful writeup will be reviewed quicker.


Room testing is often a time-consuming process, ensuring that content released is appropriate, engaging, reliable and all-around works. There is a finite amount of testers and often a numerous amount of rooms being tested at the same time. Because of this, patience is appreciated. We aim to get your room evaluated within a reasonable amount of time with valuable comments justifying the decision on whether or not the room has been approved.

Once the room has been approved, it will be released according to the Admins release schedule for TryHackMe. Whilst this timetable isn't definitive, it should provide a good idea: "Walkthrough" rooms every Tuesday "Challenge" rooms every Friday

Again, there can be multiple rooms in the queue, so even after your room being approved, there can still be a bit of a wait for it be finally published.

My Room has been Rejected?

The room tester will have left comments in the room if it has been rejected. The room will have been rejected for the reasons listed above, however, most commonly due to small oversights such as grammar or issues with Tasks/Questions/Hints.

Please review the comments left and apply the various fixes and resubmit when you are comfortable with it. If the issues are minor such as a few grammar mistakes or having to re-word a few tasks, your room would most likely be reviewed again pretty quickly often by the same reviewer.

However, rooms that must be re-submitted with "bigger" issues such as problems with the VM or contents will be re-visited at a time depending on the size of the submission queue.

Most of the room testers are in the TryHackMe Discord so any queries regarding your submission are best placed there!

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