Why Choose Us

Why Choose TryHackMe

100+ Courses

We offer you over 100 pre-existing Cybersecurity courses and challenges, that you can clone, adjust or change according to your own needs!

The content we offer is developed for all experience levels , using realistic scenarios as we want students to learn skills that can be applied in the industry. Your students will be able to deploy their own virtual machines in the cloud, instantly ready to be compromised!

No Environment Needed

Have your students deploy their own Kali Linux machine with all the necessary security tools and that can be control straight from their browser without any additional set up!

Remove the need to get a complicated lab setup, so you can instead get straight into the teaching.


Teaching Dashboard

  • Track your students' progress and understand how they're performing by reviewing their activity analytics.
  • Allocate your students courses for independent learning, as well as create competitions or assessments to further evaluate their performance.
  • Perfect environment for workshops, CTFs or training!

Create your own course

Upload your own virtual machines and resources that you can use to create your own courses, with supporting tasks and questions. These can be easily distributed to your students.

Save time and money by letting us host, maintain and deploy your machines!

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